Commissioning Invocation

I am blessed to have the opportunity to assist young college students become leaders and Officers in the United States Army via the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps)program at Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University. We had the pleasure to commission eight young men and women yesterday, May 10 2019.

One of our Cadets blessed us with two invocations and I wanted to share them with you.

“Please pray with me. Dear God, You are holy and righteous indeed. We thank you for the Cadets today who will commission into the United States Army as Officers. Thank you for the physical discipline and mental toughness that you have given these young men and women in order to complete their journey. Thank you for the new journey they are about to begin and all that comes with it. God, give these young men and women courage and wisdom like no other. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

“Please pray with me. Dear God, I praise you for what has been accomplished today. We pray that these young Officers would live lives of daring, of goodness, and of faith as we send them out into their ranks to impact the world. When they are wrong, make them willing to change. When they are right, make them easy to live with. So, Lord, strengthen them, that the power of their example will far exceed the authority of their rank. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

The Cadet ‘s wisdom is beyond his years. I especially liked when he said “When they are right, make them easy to live with.” Most of the time when we are right, we don’t think much of it, we are supposed to succeed, we are supposed to be right, but his insightfulness was profound giving the commissioning Officers advice to not let their success go to their heads, to be able to work with or in his words “to be able to live with them.” This young man is going to be a great Officer and will go on to do great things.

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