Our Church set up it’s slide in a nearby park, it was open to the public. We wanted to spread love around, meet new people and try the new slide out, before kids camp starts this week.

You should have seen how much fun the kids and grown-ups had on that slide. We had a great time fellowshipping, eating and meeting new people, some of the older members even tried out the slide. We need to do more things like this in our communities to break bread and fellowship with one another.

We made our rounds around the park looking for new people to “love on” as one of our church-members said. We got to meet some new people and some new people showed up to Church this week. I’d call that a success.

Instead of fighting, and politicking, we need more love in the world we live in now. I could certainly do a better job of loving my family, my wife, my kids, my Aunt and Uncle, Step-Mom, friends and even my enemies. Can we really ever love someone enough? We could all probably do a better job of showing people we love them.

Join me, and tell someone that you love, just how much they mean to you while we still have the chance.

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