Last night, my wife and I found someone to watch the kids while we had a “date night”. Our Church posted that the movie Breakthrough was playing at the local movie theater, so we decided to go watch it. We don’t typically go out much these days, we have a five year old and a three year old, so we stay at home with them most of the time, but I have a cousin that was gracious enough to come take care of them for a couple of hours. It was certainly nice to get out and see some of our Church congregation. We had a pretty good turn out of about 2o people for the first showing and there were more standing in line, when our showing was done.

So how was the movie? I absolutely LOVED it. It was amazing, however, if you watch the trailer, you can pretty much figure out what is going to happen. But I think there is a bigger picture to the movie beyond the obvious story with John, the boy that falls though the ice. I think there is another story line with Mike Colter’s character “Tommy”. You see Tommy heard a voice telling him not to stop looking for John and exactly where to look for him in the lake. But there is one problem, Tommy doesn’t believe in God, so I think a possible outcome of the true story is that Tommy finds God and becomes saved, at least that is what I hope happened.

Not only is this movie based on a true story, it is a faith based film, it also has some sports in it and the executive producer of the movie is Stephen Curry. It’s truly a great movie. I encourage you all to go and see it. I have embedded the trailer movie here and an interview with Stephen Curry stating why he wanted to be involved in the movie.

I’m sorry I haven’t written more. I’ll try to do better, enjoy the trailers.

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