Matthew 4:19 Fish For People

Since joining Faith Missionary Baptist Church (FMBC), we have had numerous fish fry’s to help raise money for people that are in need.

The Church calls this type of ministry a 4:19.  Matthew 4:19 says “Come follow me. Jesus said, and I will send you out to fish for people.”  Not only is the Church using a fish fry to raise money for various events, but they are also using fish to connect with others, maybe people that are lost.  The ultimate goal is to lead lost souls to Jesus Christ, fish for men.  Luke 19:10 says The purpose of the Son of Man (a term Jesus uses of Himself many times) is to seek and to save those who are lost, and that should be our objective too.  Keep in mind, the word lost, in this passage, means those destined to perish and be destroyed spiritually.     

On Saturday, February 15th FMBC will have its next fish fry to raise money to support our Youth group.  Our Youth group and others will be traveling to Mexico to assist in the building of a Church so the locals there will have a place to worship God.

Come join us at 5 P.M. at 2407 Sutherland Ave. Mena, Arkansas 71953.  There will also be a dessert auction afterwards, you’ll be fed physically and spiritually, as we fish for people.    

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