A Close Friend Is…

I’m currently taking a class with the BMA Seminary called Introduction to Christian Teaching.  I figure it will help with my blogging.  One of the books I need for this class is Teaching to Change Lives (Dr. Howard Hendricks 1987).  And in the book it states “a close friend is someone who knows everything about you, yet totally accepts you, will listen to your most heretical ideal without rejecting you and knows how to criticize you in a way you’ll listen.” And yes I looked up the word heretical, it means of relating to, or characteristics of heretics or heresy (dictionary.com 2020).

How many friends do we have that fit into this category, it may be only a handful, but if you have friends that know everything about you and accepts you as you are and still like you, will listen to your crazy ideas and won’t judge you, and knows how to constructively criticize you in a way that you’ll listen and maybe even change, then you have got a good friend. 

That last one, criticism, may be the hardest one for me.

If you have friends like this, hang on to them, their special.

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