Pulpit Committee Part 1

Our Church is tasked with the unfortunate task of finding a new Pastor. We have known for a few weeks that our Pastor would be leaving and in our Sunday school class, I expressed interest in the process of finding a new one. God laid it on my heart to be on the committee, but I didn’t tell anyone of this desire. To my disbelief, I was nominated to the committee, I couldn’t believe it, when our Sunday school teacher asked if I was interested in being on the committee. It was like he read my mind. God definitely works in mysterious ways, because I didn’t even tell my wife of my desire to be involved with the process and my wish came true.

We had our first meeting on Tuesday, really just explaining the process, what our roles will be, and what to expect, but when we were done with our meeting, we got our first application. I’m not sure why God wants me to be involved with this search, but our Church has prayed a lot about it, and so have I. The Committe is certainly going to do our best to find the best Pastor that fits our congregation’s needs. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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