Fishing Trip Prayer

We’ve been busy and I finally got a chance to go fishing yesterday. I looked at the radar and there was a little patch of rain nearby and a long line to the West of us. I pressed play on the radar to try and figure out where the rain was headed, but I was having a hard time predicting if it would rain or not.

I was about to grab my gear and go, but my wife wanted me to wait until Charlotte, my three year old, woke up from her nap, so I honored her request, but I was hopeful that I didn’t miss my chance to fish without thunderstorms and heavy rain.

On the way to the undisclosed location, I said a little prayer that it wouldn’t rain hard and there wouldn’t be any thunderstorms. The radar looked like it could rain any second. I had the van already packed with my gear and I made sure to bring a rain jacket.

We arrived at my fishing spot and I jumped in a boat and paddled out to my favorite fishing spot. It had just rained and it was in the afternoon now, so it wasn’t ideal fishing conditions. The wind was blowing me from one side of the pond to the other. I paddled from one side of the pond to the other a few times and I said “Ok, if this is where you want me, this is where I’ll stay, take me where you want me Lord.” And I didn’t fight it, I just fished right there. I was getting frustrated because I had been there for about an hour and not one bite. I even tried different fishing lures. I saw a big bass attacking and eating a perch, right by the boat. I didn’t even think to try and scoop the fish up with my net though.

I started getting some bites, but nothing serious. Keep in mind I am not a professional fisherman and I like to fish with Zoom Brush Hogs on a big hook, so oftentimes the bass get off. So now that I am at least getting some bites. I’m getting more frustrated that I am not catching any fish and I forgot my basket to put any fish in that I may catch, so I am thinking that the reason I am not catching any fish is because I didn’t bring a stringer or my basket, which makes no sense at all. It would make more sense that I would catch a lot of fish because I didn’t bring a stringer.

Anyway, now the sun is coming out, it’s getting hot and it’s really not ideal conditions for fishing. And now I am praying that I could catch a big fish because I know there are BIG fish in this pond. I hooked a huge one before, but didn’t officially catch it and I didn’t get a picture of it either, but the Lord blessed me with good weather and that is what I asked for. My prayer was to not have thunderstorms or heavy rain. I didn’t pray to catch any fish.

Now, I am praying that a big fish would take this lure like he is serious about it and swallow it or that it is hooked in his lip. The prayer was to actually catch a fish and that the fish wouldn’t get off the hook. I was just about to give up. I was making my way back to the shore and I hooked a monster bass and he was wearing me out. I was afraid he as going to get under the boat and get off. And the Lord blessed me with a great catch. It even jumped up and “tail walked” on me and still couldn’t get off the hook, it was hooked pretty good. I recently bought a big net for an occasion just like this, but it sure is hard to scoop up a 6 lb. bass by your self. I ended up releasing the fish because she had eggs.

I give all the glory to God that he allowed the fish to get hooked so good that the fish could not get off the line and into my net. Like I said, I am no great fisherman anyway. And the Lord first blessed me with no rain, like I asked for, then I prayed to catch a fish and I did. I told the Lord thank you for allowing me to catch that fish. The Lord does answer our prayers, but we have to be careful what we ask for. If we pray and have faith he will provide.

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