False Idols

I signed up for a free class with BMA Seminary to challenge myself, to learn more about Paul and his final journeys, to improve my writing, and to figure out what I want to do when I grow up, possibly a Sunday school teacher?  We will see what the Lord puts on my heart. 

As I wrote my threaded discussion post, I was reminded about the time that I put football in front of visiting family.  I’m not implying that family and God are the same thing, but it is easy to put God on the back burner and if I was willing to sacrifice family for football, I was willing to do the same thing with God.

I was watching the Dallas Cowboys play a game that if they won and they got help from the Washington Football Team, if they lost, then Dallas could make the playoffs, not that they deserved to make the playoffs.  I was engulfed in the game and my wife said, “Let’s go visit your Uncle.”  We had a family event scheduled, I believe we were going to eat with them and family.  And I said, “I’m not going anywhere until this game is over.”  I quickly realized that I misspoke and certainly shouldn’t have said that.  I recorded the rest of the game and we went to visit family.  While I was there, I heard the outcome of the game and I was no longer interested in watching the game, but I shouldn’t put football before family or God for that matter.  We only have so much time left with our family and we should enjoy every minute we have with them.  We shouldn’t forsake God or family and I should reexamine my priorities.

Do you put anything before God, work, football, fishing, even family, God should always come first.  After-all, God allows us to have everything, to include our career, and our family.       

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