Memphis Trip

My family and I, me, my wife and two daughters, went to Memphis to visit an old Air Force friend, his wife and three daughters this past weekend 6 – 8 November.  We had an awesome time catching up with them.  We went to the Riverwalk and explored.  The colors are changing so it was just a beautiful drive up there and back and in Memphis as well.  We got BBQ from a BBQ place.  After all, you can’t go to Memphis without getting BBQ, can you?  We even passed by Graceland on the way the BBQ joint. The best BBQ restaurant I have been to is still Allen’s BBQ and catering in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

And on the way to getting BBQ there was a homeless man standing in the middle of the street on the road median and I had some money in my wallet, which I never have money on me and we were stopped there for a few minutes and something was telling me to give the money to my friend to give to him and I just sat there froze and I didn’t act on it.  Now what he does with the money is up to the homeless person.  If he chooses to buy food with it or whatever, that is not up to me to judge, but I missed an opportunity to help someone.  I don’t know if I was afraid to be judged by my friend, or I didn’t think I had enough time to get the money out before we started moving, for whatever reason I didn’t act on a chance to do good.  I don’t normally give to homeless people on the side of the road, sometimes I judge them and think how did they get in that predicament?  But, it’s not our responsibility to judge people.  Are we a bad decision away from being in their shoes? 

I was listening to Bruce Wilkinson speak and he said him and his wife both have a special part of their purse or wallet they put money in and they call it God’s money that when someone is in need or they get that feeling to help someone they have money set aside specifically for that reason.  Hopefully, there will be another chance to help someone, and I’ll be ready to help.   

Listen to The Secret of Success by Bruce Wilkinson here.          

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