Do We Take Advantage of God?

That sounds strange, how can we as mere humans take advantage of God?  I’ll explain:

Sometimes we take advantage of people; take for instance this weekend.  My daughter was sick Saturday night, so we didn’t want to expose her to the rest of the church congregation and make them sick, so we stayed home from church Sunday.  I had the idea of going fishing.  So, I load up and go fishing and I caught a few, but first I wanted to try the top water bite, since it was early in the morning.  The fish were having no part of that, so I switched to a different lure and caught a fish with it, then that stopped working so I tried a different type of lure, that didn’t work.  I finally fished with what these fish want and that is a fake worm, wacky rig style. 

I ended up feeling guilty because I wasn’t at church on a Sunday, which we were trying to be safe and not get the rest of the church sick, but I ended up feeling terrible, I kept thinking I should have been at home.  My daughter was fine, she woke up feeling great, but I still thought I could have been at home listening to the service on Facebook.  I kept saying let me try one more lure, let me throw just one more cast, let me catch one more fish, one more, one more and I ended up being gone for four hours.  I got home in time to listen to the visiting pastor’s sermon, but I still felt like I could have done more, like I was taking advantage of something. 

We take advantage of someone’s generosity; do we do that same thing to God?  We accept Jesus into our lives, and we are safe, we are saved, but do we get complacent?  Do we sometimes stop going to church? Do we stop praying as often?  Do we stop praising God as much as we used to?   Do we stop reading our Bible’s as often as we used to?  Do we stop preparing for Sunday School like we did before?  Do we take advantage of God’s mercy and grace, everyday we do.

I’m sure we can all do a better job of spending more time with God, praying, attending church, praising God, singing songs, studying our Bible etc., I’m going to try and not take advantage of God’s grace, until next time, God Bless you!         

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