God Works In Mysterious Ways

Have you ever stopped to get gas, stopped to get a coffee, or had to run back inside your house because you forgot something and barely missed being in an accident? If you hadn’t stopped to get gas, to get coffee, or hadn’t needed to run back into the house because you forgot something you would have been in that wreck that you are now delayed in traffic because. Did you ever think that is God keeping you from being in that accident?

Did you ever have a gut feeling telling you to change your flight and then the flight was delayed or worse crashed? That was God saving your life, perhaps, God needs you to do more work, and God has more plans for you.

I believe while we are here on earth, we are to spread the good news and tell people about Jesus and plant the seed and let God come in behind us and convict their heart. It’s sad when I look out in the world today and see the nonsense taking place. I see hatred. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, we are renewed, a change takes place in our hearts, and hate is replaced with love, kind of like the Grinch. Wow, I can’t believe I just referenced the Grinch, but it makes sense. The Grinch’s heart grew and the Grinch is a Christmas movie (Christ), how fitting.


Man Collapses From Heart Attack In Baggage Claim, Then Realizes Flight Delay Saved His Life


Above are just a few examples of the way God works in our lives. I’m sure there are many more that can be found.

Finally, I heard a story on K-love his morning about a family that found a new Church because of COVID-19. They found a Church that is closer to their house that is having outdoor services. They bring tents and set up outside. The caller stated the new Church has a new Pastor and seems happy to have found this Church, another example of God working mysteriously and providing for our needs.

Be careful, be safe and listen to that voice inside of you, it’s the Holy Spirit keeping you safe – God Bless!

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