Fishing Accident

The other day I went fishing and got a lure stuck in my head. Talk about getting right to the punch line.
I arrived at my favorite fishing hole early like I always try to, when the sun is first glimmering off the pond and the fog is rising. I did some bank fishing while waiting on my cousin to arrive, his Mom normally drops him off at my Uncle’s around 730 AM or so.
Anyway, I was casting a top water jig and it almost worked, I had a pretty good two pounder or so get a way. I know rookie! I didn’t want to jump in the boat until my cousin got there.
But I finally got all my gear in the boat. I have two fishing rods, a full tackle box and four other compartments, a net that I used to scoop up a six pounder with last year, and a basket to put all my fish in, so it takes a minute to get loaded up. I was fishing nearby the bank when my undisclosed cousin arrives I pick him up and we go to the deeper parts of the pond.
And by now the sun has risen and it’s getting hot. I love admiring God’s beautiful sunrises when it’s nice and cool.
We’re casting our lines and I have to admit I get snagged sometimes too, but not as often as my 12 year-old cuz does. And I have gotten myself unsnagged with some close calls before, but today he yanked his snag right into my skull.
I asked him if he could get it out and he said, one of the treble hooks was past the barb, so I told him to cut the line so I am not attached to his fishing pole, so he did. Next, we paddled to the bank so I could get some assistance getting this out of my skull. We found my cousin which is a first cousin, meaning he is much older, a few years older than me, and I asked if he could dig it out. Well, he got one of the treble hooks out, but the other was just too deep in my cranium. In the meantime, I am keeping my hand near my ear to keep the bottom treble hook from getting snagged, which is hanging around my ear. So, I instruct them to cut the treble hooks off the lure so we can detach the lure from me and I’ll only be left with one hook that is past the barb, sorry kid, your lure is now a keep sake. Now keep in mind, my first cousin wants to take a picture of this and I’m like I just want this thing out of my kopf (German word for head). I am trying to think of other words besides head, skull, and cranium to use. So I don’t have a picture to share with you, but it felt like my head was pierced, kind of like an ear. When I was younger I had my ear pierced. I know, I am an 80’s kid.
Once that was done, I proceeded to the VA where they first tried to dig it out without an anesthetic. I’m thinking, I could have had done this at my Uncle’s house, one of them could have dug it out there, they finally gave me a shot and dug it out.
So there are a few things to take away from this, God is good, all the time. This could have been much worse. If I had been looking a different way, instead of the lure being buried in the side of my head above my ear, it could have been buried in the front of my face, maybe even my eye. If I take my finger and trace back to the front of my face, it is around my forehead, or eyebrow area. And finally, if you get snagged on something in a boat, paddle out to it and get your self-unhooked or if you have to, cut your line. Don’t jerk on it!
And, I had my tetanus shot last year, instead of the Flu shot, you could only have one at a time (good choice)!
And yes, I’ll go fishing with my cousin again, I think?
Ya’ll be safe and God Bless!

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