Public Prayer

In case you missed it, country music singer, Kane Brown’s drummer, Kenny Dixon passed away in a car wreck last weekend and was clearly distraught over losing his friend and band member at the CMT awards, telling everyone that he “loved the country community, God Bless you guys and stay safe” ending with “I love ya’ll”, after accepting the CMT Artists of the Year award. 

Thomas Rhett stepped out on faith and asked everyone in attendance if it would be alright if he prayed, saying “I don’t know if this is very conventional, but can I just pray really fast? Is it okay with everybody? Father God, we love you so much. Loss is something we can’t comprehend, and so right now I pray that you would be with Kane and his family and his drummer Kenny and his family, and bring them peace that only you know how to bring somebody.”

This is exactly what we need in the World, more people to step out in faith and not be afraid to proclaim their love and faith for God, to pray for our Country and to be unconventional, to pray for whatever is bothering you.  To have enough love for one another to lift them up to God to help heal them. 

Reba went on to say this at the awards ceremony “Thomas Rhett, God bless you for praying for us, you’re special. … You said that might not be aired on this, but he knows, it better be aired. It better make the cut. Because that’s what we need in life, a little bit more God. We’ve got to give this world back to God. We’ve got to give him the focus and attention that he needs.”

I’m glad Reba supported Rhett’s prayer.  It’s sad that we have to wonder if the prayer would be edited or taken out.  It should be more common ground to pray before these events, at sporting events asking for their safety.  I think we need to bring prayer back to school.  That’s what the World needs, but we are more worried about offending people. That’s just my opinion though.

You are more than welcome to pray for me and my family.  I’ll take your prayers, don’t be afraid to pray.  I say pray in public on National television.             

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