The Big Bang Theory

“Scientists” would have you believe that first there was nothing. There was so much nothing there was something. There was so much nothing there was an incredible explosion and then the Earth formed, (The Big Bang Theory). I could go on and on and on about what scientists believe but I won’t instead I’ll try to relate the nothing story into something. This is going to be fun follow along with me.

A very long time ago there was this woman we’ll call her Mary. Mary lived in Mena, Arkansas and she was the only person that lived in Mena. There was absolutely nothing in Mena, except Mary. We’ll say Mary had an apartment to live in. She needs a bed right!

One night Mary went to bed, when Mary woke up she noticed this big building across the street from where Mary lived. When Mary went to bed there was nothing, when she woke up there was something. Mary was intrigued, so she went across the street to see what this new shiny building was. When Mary got there the people that worked there was waiting for her. They even knew her name. The big building that just appeared over night was a bank and the receptionist told Mary to go to a bank representative they had been waiting on her, now Mary is very curious. The representative tells Mary she has an account at the bank. Mary can’t figure out how or why, that she has this account, but she just does. The bank teller tells her she has 100 million dollars in that bank (you can insert your own number in there.)

One day there was nothing and the next day, there is a bank across the street from where Mary lives, not only is there a bank, let’s say there is a whole City in Mena with lots of stores, even a Wall-Mart, not only a bank and a Wall-Mart and other stores, but there are people and houses now. We’ll say that around 5,000 people live in Mena literally overnight. There was so much nothing that today there is something that is what scientists would have us believe.

I’ll just stick to believing in God, instead of a bunch of nothing. Mena sure is a nice place to live, especially when you believe in God.

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