Our Protector And Provider

Ultimately, who protects us? Is it our guns? Is it our dogs? Is it our fancy security system? Is it our fenced in yard? Is it our local Police Department? All these things may help, but ultimately it’s God.

If someone wants to break into our home, they’re going to. All of the things I listed above can be overcome, but God cannot be. The fence can be scaled, the dog can be overtaken, the security system can be over run, and it takes the Police how long to arrive? The list goes on and on.

2 Samuel 2:23 “The God of my rock; in him I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my savior; thou savest me from violence.” (Bible Gateway 2020)

Psalm 18:2 “The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.” (Bible Gateway 2020)

Also, I believe God allows us to have the success that we have. How many times do you thank God for everything in your life? We need to remember to thank God for our family, for keeping them safe and healthy. We should thank God for our jobs, our homes, and our property that we are borrowing from him for the time we are here on earth. We should thank God for the cars we have, that he allows us to have, for the beautiful world that he created. I thank God for the Church we attend. I’m thankful that God placed some beautiful people in our lives that invited my wife to Church. At first I dragged my feet about going, but I sure am glad I did.

The list goes on and on of things to be thankful for, everything you can think of, the friends you have, your family, your Church, everything you have. God allowed us to have the things we have including the money in our bank accounts. And every breath we take.

I also believe that while we are here on earth it is our duty to shine our light for others to see, so that they will want what we have, everlasting life. We are also to spread the good news about Jesus to others, others that may not have the same faith that we have. We are to plant seeds so that God can convict their hearts. The world needs more people that believe in Jesus. When you watch the news, you see all the hate in the world. If more people believed in Jesus, their hearts would be renewed and the hate changed to love.

So share the good news about Jesus with someone today, so they too won’t have to worry about tomorrow. God Bless You!

Would You Come Back To A Sinful Earth?

If you’ve watched any news at all lately, you know that we live in some trying times to say the least. We have so much hatred in the World today, essentially we are killing each other, there is rioting, looting, and let’s not forget the Corona virus too.

What if God called you home like Charlotte Holmes and you were able to experience Heaven’s beauty, and of course it exceeded all your expectations? I don’t think we can fathom the beauty and its peace. What if you heard the angels singing and you were able to experience this for yourself? And you got to smell the beautiful flowers like Charlotte did? And you saw your family that passed away inside the gates waving to you to come join them and God gave you a choice to enter the pearly gates of Heaven or return to your living family on Earth?

An earth filled with hate, and violence, full of trials and tribulations or you could enter the gates of Heaven, something you have been looking forward to since you became a believer in Christ. That is the ultimate goal, to make it to Heaven.
But God says if you go back, you have to spread the good news. You have bring as many people back with you as you possibly can, would you go back to Earth or enter the gates of Heaven?

What a dilemma! Maybe your work is not quite done on Earth and you know without a shadow of a doubt your coming back to Heaven and you can bring more people with you. I would like to say I’d go back to my family and do some more work, what would you do? I say, there’s more work to do, if you are a believer, spread the news about Jesus.