How Do You Thank God?

How do you thank God when he answer’s a prayer?  I was praying the other day that God would keep us safe in this weather coming into Arkansas from Oklahoma.  There was a tornado on the ground from Idabel, Oklahoma.  The local TV channel had two tornado warnings close to Dequeen, Arkansas, 38 miles away from us, apparently it didn’t turn out to be too serious, but it got my attention. 

How do you thank God, when he answers your prayers?  I thanked God for keeping us safe.  But I wonder if we pray more asking for something than thanking God when he does deliver. 

The best thing we can do is make sure we do pray and thank him for answering our prayers and to live a pleasing life towards God.  We’re all sinners, it’s hard to live a pleasing life to God, without mistakes, or judgements in error, but he must try our best and ask for forgiveness when we do sin. 

We also can make sure we are spreading the good news about Jesus, taking opportunities to tell people about Jesus and about being a Christian.  To put our faith in Jesus, that he will take care of us, that he paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, so that we can be forgiven for our sins and are saved by God’s grace, that we will spend everlasting life in Heaven with him. 

Don’t forget to shine our light and sow the seed with unbelievers and let God convict their hearts and be patient.  It may take a long time for their hearts to become convicted, but we need to have faith that it will happen. God bless and thank God.          

Dallas Cowboys VS Jesus Christ

I was running errands the other day around town and I was wearing a Dallas Cowboys’ hoodie.  The weather has been what I call in between here in Arkansas.  It’s been in between a hoodie and a short sleeve shirt, for me it hasn’t been really warm enough for a shirt without sleeves, but I could just be a wimp. 

I noticed a lot of people commenting on my Dallas Cowboys shirt.  I got a couple “Go Cowboys” comments.  I was also wearing a cross around my neck; now to be fair some of the time I had my cross tucked into my shirt, so I got my cross out and displayed it on the outside of my Dallas Cowboys shirt to see if I can get a “oh you’re a fellow believer, or “Go Jesus.” 

Like I said, I didn’t have the cross displayed the whole time, but I got four “Go Cowboys” and no Go Jesus comments.  Now, I do want to walk around with a Dallas Cowboy cap, or shirt with my cross displayed more to gather more results, but it’s sad to me that it seems like we get more responses from sporting our favorite jersey than we get from supporting or Savior Jesus Christ, why is that?  Let’s make Jesus famous instead of the Dallas Cowboys – Go Jesus!

Make Jesus Famous

How can we make Jesus Famous?  You say isn’t Jesus already famous?  According to Learn Religions 32% of the World’s population are Christians.  That’s less than a third of the World that are going to Heaven. I believe in Heaven and Hell and right now, there will be more people in Hell than Heaven and that is SAD!

I wrote an article not too long ago where I talked about handing out donuts, and if you think about it, it’s the same concept.  To hand out donuts or knock on people’s doors, whatever it takes to make Jesus famous and build God’s Kingdom.  Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? 

We’re all sinners, but I’m a hypocrite.  I recently bought this cool necklace with a cross made from small nails on it.  I’m a hypocrite because I keep the cross inside my shirt. I shouldn’t hide my necklace.  I shouldn’t hide my faith.  I should shout it out from the rooftops.  Why do we hide our faith? 

We should want to make Jesus famous, or more famous, according to that statistic, only 32% of the World population is going to heaven.  We should want every single person to believe in Jesus and we should be out there spreading the good news. 

Are you sitting on your hands or are you trying to make Jesus famous?  What are you doing to make Jesus famous? Let’s Make Jesus Famous!