Are You Lucky or Blessed?

Are you blessed or lucky?  Am I blessed or lucky?  My family returned from Germany, March 20th, after visiting my wife’s family and celebrating her 40th birthday with her twin sister.  We arrived on March 10th and planned on staying until March 25th, but our plans were changed by the Pandemic, Corona Virus.

First, we were told all American’s had to be back with in the U.S. by Friday, March 13th, but we just got there three days earlier and ignored the warning.  And, the 4 0 celebration was planned for the following day.  However, our return flight kept getting cancelled.  My wife spent hours on the phone trying to book our return flights.  We finally got a flight that didn’t get cancelled, however, we had to fly from Frankfurt, Germany with a layover in London, England and then to Dallas, Texas, five days early, as opposed to or our original flight from Frankfurt, Germany, straight to Dallas, Texas.    

On the way over to Germany, I sat two seats away from someone that coughed the entire flight and didn’t bother to cover their mouth.  We walked through Dallas Fort Worth Airport, and Frankfurt Am Main Airport and I don’t think we practiced social distancing lining up, to check in on the way over.  On the way back, they did ensure we spread out when we exited the plane in Dallas, before we checked in with the CDC that was waiting for us there.

We arrived in Dallas and were screened for the Corona Virus, passed our screening and were told to self-quarantine for 14 days at home.  We did and never developed any serious symptoms, yes, we had a sniffle or a cough, but nothing to get too worried about.     

I said all that to say this, am I lucky or am I blessed that we flew all the way to Germany to visit with family, celebrate my wife and sister-in-law’s 40th birthday and to visit with some old friends and made it home safe.  God was definitely with us when we drove back from Dallas to Arkansas, because we were exhausted.  We took turns driving, but somehow made it home.  Are we lucky or blessed?  I believe we are blessed, God was definitely with us. 

I’m blessed!  I have a beautiful family that loves me, and we are healthy.  I have a job right now, when according to CNBC ‘Another 6.6 million file for unemployment’ (9 March, 2020).  I have a roof over my head.  I have a loving Church family, and have many more things to be thankful for.

 I’m sure all of you have stories to share about your Corona Virus experiences, are you lucky or blessed?  I’m blessed!   



These Four Walls

We got back from Germany March 20.  We cut our visit short by five days, our flights back to Arkansas kept getting cancelled and we were lucky enough to finally make it back home. We had a productive time in Germany, shining our lights and planting seeds with some family members, now we’re praying that God convicts their hearts.  

When we landed in Dallas, Texas, the CDC was there to greet and screen us, they asked if we were having any Corona virus symptoms and answered no but, were told to Social distance ourselves for 14 days.  I asked so we aren’t quarantined?  They answered, we don’t like using the word quarantine, so basically, we are self-quarantining or shelter in place for 14 days.  However, we are all supposed to be practicing social distancing, keeping ourselves away from people, to limit the spread of the virus.    

We’re on day 8/14 and it is a challenge.  This time at home can be used to spend more time with our family.  We can spend time playing games or building puzzles with our children.  We downloaded ABC Mouse for the kids to learn.  We watched movies with the kids, but it is challenging as well, being cooped up in the house with our six-year old and four-year old, sometimes they play nice and sometimes they don’t.  I bet their getting tired of playing with each other, they may be getting tired of looking at each other.

We have one more week left to go before we can go out in public and interact with different people besides each other, however, we are going to be careful to distance ourselves from others.  This next week maybe we can do a better job of spending more time with each other and less time on our phones.  We’re doing our best to have patience with each other and love one another and I think this is what this time is all about.  It’s about helping our neighbors that can’t get out and go to the grocery store to pick up supplies they need or running other errands.    

A Facebook group was created in our county called positive vibes in our county and I think it is an excellent idea.  It warmed my heart to see a post that said someone was feeling apprehension about going to the store with their two small kids and someone stepped up and said that they would go and do their shopping for them.  This is just one example of what we should be doing in these times of uncertainty.  Instead of hoarding and acting selfish, we need to look out for each other and help where we can.  Remember to love like Jesus.

This time can also be used to pray, get in the Bible and meditate on God’s word. It’s also a time to ask God for forgiveness and repent because we are all sinners. We need to remember to put God first and not have “idols”. Kobe Bryant just passed away. I am sympathetic towards his family and friends, but I am not distraught about his passing. We need to be careful to not idolize people we don’t know, athletes, entertainers, musicians, etc., etc. Also, this time can be used to spend time with our families without arguing, yes it is a stressful time, but we need to make the best out of the time we have with them.

I believe this is a test from God and some of us are failing it miserably.  If you don’t know Jesus, now would be a great time to accept Jesus into your life as your Savior.  God Bless you all, six more days to go.